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Brokerage Accounts

When you are ready to open a brokerage account, it pays to come prepared. A brokerage firm will need a certain amount of information about you to set up your account and help meet your investment goals. Explore the topics below for important information about brokerage accounts.

What to Expect When You Open a Brokerage Account

Find out what information you will be asked to provide, what decisions you will be asked to make, what questions you should ask your broker and what your rights are as a customer of a brokerage firm. Learn more.

Establishing a Trusted Contact

Your financial firm may request that you give them the name and contact information of a trusted contact. We recommend that you do. Learn more.

Understanding the Brokerage Account Transfer Process

When you need to transfer your securities accounts between broker-dealers, here are some basic facts about the account transfer process. Learn more.

5 Questions to Ask When Your Broker Changes Firms

Reach an informed decision about whether to transfer your assets to your broker's new firm if they move. Learn more.